Tire Rotation Is a Necessity

If a person does not rotate their tires on a regular basis, uneven wear will ruin their set of tires and shorten the life of the tire. As a car gets driven on the road, it comes into contact with surfaces that wear down the tire. Depending on the location of the tires on the vehicle, the tires wear in different spots for different reasons. They must get rotated to ensure tread wear is spread out among the tires. This prolongs the life of the tire and makes for a smoother, more controllable ride.

See our dealership at Interstate Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in West Monroe, LA, for a tire rotation schedule if there is not one in your owner's manual. At the dealership, our trained technicians will ensure tire quality by rotating and inspecting your tires and replace the badly worn tires if need be. If you need other maintenance like an oil change or brake service, we can help with that as well.

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