Time to Replace Old Car Battery?

Car batteries have a shelf life just like any other battery. Fortunately, a car battery doesn't have to be replaced that often. So what happens when it does? What are the signs associated with a failing battery?
Signs of a battery wearing thin can vary. You might notice a slower windshield speed. The car might not start as quickly as before. The stereo might not work as well. Weaker headlights is also a good sign. Interior lights might struggle to reach optimum strength. The horn may not honk as loud. These issues or a combination of these could mean it's time for you to get a new battery. It can be a frustrating experience. What's worse is having a completely dead battery.
Diagnosing the symptoms allows you to get a new battery now. Purchasing a new battery can save you future towing charges and you won't have to ask around for a jump. Sometimes a jump start won't work once a battery is dead. Batteries all fade. If you watch for the signs, you can avoid being stuck with a completely dead one.Original Article

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