The Jeep Wrangler: The Best Ride for Louisiana’s Best Off-Road Parks

The Jeep w Louisiana's Best Off-Road Parks
Go anywhere. Do anything. pic.twitter.com/1iPc2rPWcH — Jeep (@Jeep) November 25, 2016
If you own a Wrangler—of any caliber—then it’s a good bet the two of you are going to go off-road at least once. Jeeps are at home off-road, and Louisiana is filled with off-road options, but where is the best place in the state to go? Well, partcatalong.com took a survey to find the “2016 Top Off Road Trails/Parks,” and after receiving feedback from 12,600 people, they were able to compile a list of the top five parks in 39 states with the top three “Rides of Choice.” Louisiana was included. And the Jeep Wrangler was the #1 Ride of Choice for that state. So, to get the most out of your in-state off-road adventures, release your Jeep Wrangler on Muddy Bottoms in Sarepta (#1); Catahoula Recreation Area on Sicily Island (#2); Tower Tax in Fluker (#3); South Toledo in Anacoco (#4); or Cooterville in Delhi, LA (#5). For the entire list of America’s best off-road parks, you can see the full list here. For more information on the off-roading legend that is the Jeep Wrangler, please feel free to contact us. Original Article

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