Seasonal Maintenance to Focus On

image 1 Seasonal Maintenance to Focus On
Regular car maintenance does a lot more than just keeping your car running. Not only does it save you money, but it also improves your trade-in value. It’s never too early to think about seasonal car maintenance.
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Whether you own an import or drive your grandfather’s old jalopy, all cars need proper care. So, how do you know what needs to be done? To avoid expensive repairs down the road, prepare your car in advance by following these tips:
  • Engine: Have an engine tuned up according to the owner’s manual.
  • Oil Changes: Regular oil changes are the lifeline of your car. Make sure to schedule an early fall appointment.
  • Fixing the brakes: Never postpone having squeaky brakes repaired.
To keep your car running at its fullest capacity, schedule seasonal car maintenance throughout the year. Schedule an appointment with the service center Interstate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT in West Monroe, LA. We can help you with all of our maintenance needs. Original Article

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