Make Sure Your Tires Are in the Condition Your Car Needs


Neglecting your tires is one of the most dangerous mistakes a vehicle owner can make. Worn out tires can cause accidents and will cost you time and money.

Tires should be checked monthly for wear and tear and PSI level. This is doubly true as the seasons change. When the weather gets cold, PSI level can change drastically along with the temperature. A deviation in your tire's PSI level can cause your tires to bulge and get damaged more easily. Worse, you could be at risk for a dangerous blowout.

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You should also rotate your tires on a regular schedule as well. If you notice a tire is lacking in tread, you need to replace it. A tire with low tread is a danger because your tires won't get enough traction. Keeping your tires maintained is key to your safety while driving.

For new tires and tire maintenance, get in touch with the service center at Interstate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram FIAT in West Monroe, LA. We can help make sure your tires are in good shape and that you're using the ones you need.

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