Dodge Journey: Destination Exhilaration

2017 Dodge Jorney crossroad 1 Dodge Journey

Minivans. Wagons. Hatchbacks. Give me a break! When your family needs to get there, you get there like you mean it. That's why you need to test drive the all-new Dodge Journey. Journey's rugged stance, incredible performance power and ability to seat your whole crew comfortably are a whole new ball game. In Dodge Journey, you don't just drive. You represent.
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And you might have to take reservations as to who joins you. That's because thanks to comforts like Dual-Zone Temperature Control, stadium seating, soft-touch surfaces, and flexible five- or seven-passenger seating —everyone is going to want to roll along —while leaving your friend with the minivan driving solo.

When you shop with Interstate Dodge, you're not just shopping with an educated resource, but a friend as well. Visit us this Labor Day weekend to check out terrific finance options on the all-new Dodge Journey and our vast inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles.

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