Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is an important vehicle maintenance aspect, which unfortunately is often overlooked. Tire rotation extends your car's tire durability and ensures safe driving, while helping to maintain your fuel economy.

In most vehicles, the front tire wears and tears more quickly than the rear tires. This wear and tear mostly affects Front Wheel Drive vehicles where the primary accelerating power is provided by the front tires. Tire rotation involves changing the initial position of the tires, where the rear tires are brought to the front and the front tires to the rear. This does not necessarily mean criss-crossing or even exchanging them on the same axle.

Regular tire rotation is critical in improving your vehicles performance; it will essentially allow your tires to develop even wear patterns, which in turn enhances your vehicle's responsiveness in dangerous driving conditions. If you are looking for advice on tire rotation, maximized fuel economy and prioritized repairs, contact us today!

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